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Need a composer?

Have the privilege of always being surrounded by very talented producers, sound designers and composers. Here’s a new star thats on the rise. Check out his website! http://www.keezgroenteman.com/

Also nice reel to go…

Lotto NL

Here’s a TVC for the dutch Lotto that I co-created with PlusOne. Still get childishly stoked when ever I see something I made showing up on television. Fun stuff! To bad mom isn’t living in Netherlands so she could see what it is I’m doing for a living.


Hi all!

Classics is a small midnight project of mine. It started out as a small research project for a bigger upcoming project. But decided to make a 5 second project out of it. Enjoyed making it. Feedback is welcome!

Made with After Effects and Illustrator. Enjoy!
Music: Martin Gauffin

The Style Clinic Show

Made some 50ths style motion graphics design for The Style Clinic Show on Mr Porter. Im a bit after my time Im afraid.

Alternative set/Pitti Uomo 85 - Florence

Proud to say that I’m in Florence this week to work with SeeMe who’s doing their first showroom + a live show at Pitti.
We’ll be doing the live show today at 16.00 and you can watch it on nowfashion.com.

Promotion film for the event

mr porter: how to

Mr Porter just launched a new web series called "How To" that I have developing the motion graphics for together with art director Jacopo Maria Cinti. I especially enjoyed making all the text animations and titles for the film.

New tag-on for the newspaper Trouw. I’ve heard that the commercial is pretty sweet, but haven’t seen because I don’t watch that much TV.

Watch it in HD!

Agency: Kokoro
Production: Woodwork

This is a break down video, showing all the steps before the final delivery. Thought it was interesting how you you can get pretty close to end product pretty fast but that all the tweaking takes up the most of the time.

Heineken + Tribal DDB

Last week Heineken launched a new design projected that will be hosted at Milan Designweek this summer. Tribal DDB contacted Woodwork to produce a short film to excite young and upcoming designers to apply. Fashion, graphic, motion, interior and product designers are invited to form a multidisciplinary design exploration team and imagine and create the future in collaboration with Heineken.

I worked as co-designer and animator on this project together with Jeff Beukema. We ended up using a few things that where new to me: Unfurl plugin for Cinema4D, Plexus and Trapcode Form.

imageMilan Design Week. Plexus came in handy when we needed to capture the triangle style that Heineken wanted.
imageimageimageFor the bubble burst I thought that Trapcode Form would do the trick. Perfect when you don’t have the time to render it in 3D